Heavily-Armed Mechs, Furious Battles, A Ton Of Game Modes, Online & LAN Multi-Player Combat, Powerful Weapons, Great Control System, Amazing Graphics!

War World combines the fast-paced action and controls of the world's favourite FPS games with a 3rd person viewpoint. A unique combination of all-out carnage and active strategy, gives War World a unique blend of fast-paced gameplay which moves way beyond the normal – run, shoot, repeat action of popular FPS titles!

“9 out of 10!”
“War World could easily rival Unreal for the position as the king of shooters. Its fast, slick, twitchy, and just downright fun.” www.myth-games.com review
“8.6 out of 10!”
GameZone.com Review
“8.3 out of 10!”
www.softpedia.com Review
“8.3 out of 10!”
Gamespot community
“8 out of 10!”
"War World has a habit of sucking you in and refusing to let go. The online play and customization aspects combine to create a thoroughly engrossing experience..."
www.totalvideogames.com Review
“War World is an amazingly addictive title”
War World  is a unique combat game where players control heavily-armed and fast-moving mechs in furious battles for total annihilation. War World multiplayer offers 4 different gamemodes: Capture the flag, Bomb Assault, Death Match and Team Death Match.
“It's pure adrenaline pumping action like I haven't experienced in ages!”
“To be honest I haven't joined a "bad" game yet online. Every game has been silky smooth both graphically and network-wise. Whatever it is you guys did with the net code ya'll should bottle it and sell it!”
In addition to the epic multiplayer gamemodes, War World also offers 4 singleplayer gamemodes. A 100 level singleplayer campaign in 6 difficulty settings and a totally customizable single-player battle mode, where players can create their own battles! There is also Singleplayer DM and TDM where you can battle up to 15 intelligent enemy mechs.
“I so love this game. I just couldn't stop playing until I finished the 100th mission. THEN I got online and it got even better!”
"War World looks very much like Mech Warrior meets Unreal Tournament"
There are more than 50 different weapons systems, defensive upgrades and ability enhancements for you to use with your mech. These items include fast shooting mini-guns; powerful missile launchers; deadly accurate laser cannons; and much, much more!
“It’s so hard to tell how good a game is by pictures, but I gave it a try and holy shit! Really good graphics and love the fast gameplay, just all around good game, definitely buying this one!” 
“This is the best indy game ever made. Overall this is a seriously good title! I've recommended it to all of my friends!”
"The quality of the graphics in this game is amazing and the engine performs extremely well even on a lower end system. Single player is a ton of fun and these graphics are awesome. Multiplayer is also extremely fun and lag doesn't have a substantial effect on the gameplay like I'm used to in fast-paced games!"
Money Well Spent, There’s Not Enough Games Like This!”
The full version which gives you full access to War World can be unlocked using our secure payment system for only $29.95! We accept Visa, Master Card and Paypal.
Check out the Screenshots and Movies and Try out the War World demo for Free! We also recommend joining the active War World Community and chat-room for clans, battles, extra info, upgrades, solutions and FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)!
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War World News:

 July 06, 2007

War World is coming to Xbox Live Arcade!

Ubisoft is bringing a new nextgen version of War World to Xbox Live Arcade.

Gamespot has released a first look, Hands-On article about it.

For Screenshots and details, read the full article here